Parking Ticket Information

The Borough of Mechanicsburg enforces multiple parking violations that were adopted from the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, Title 75, into Borough Ordinances. Should a vehicle be found in violation of the Borough Ordinance as it relates to parking, a yellow parking ticket is issued. Parking violations commonly enforced are as follows: parking within an intersection, parking on a crosswalk, parking within twenty feet from a crosswalk or intersection, within thirty feet upon the approach of an official flashing signal, stop sign, or traffic signal, in violation of a designated 2 hour or 24 hour parking sign, within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant, in a handicapped parking space when prohibited, in front of a public or private driveway, where there are temporary no parking, stopping and/or standing signs, on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the highway (otherwise known as double parking), at any place where official signs have been erected prohibiting standing, stopping and/or parking, must be headed in the direction of traffic, within twelve inches of the edge of a highway or curb, in violation of a street sweeping sign during the times indicated, and in violation of permit parking when indicated by a sign. There are other parking violations that are applicable, but these are the most common parking violations.

Anyone receiving a parking ticket has 5 days to make payment to the police department. Payments can be made in person or by mail. The cost of a parking violation is $10. Checks are appreciated if a parking ticket payment is mailed. The Police Department is located at 36 West Allen Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. If the officer is closed payments can be left in the drop box located in front of the Borough Office at the same address. Payments can also be made online by clicking the following link. The link is also located on the homepage of our website in the sidebar.

Anyone wishing to contest a parking violation can do so by calling and speaking with the officer that issued the ticket. The officer’s badge number is designated on the line next to “officer” on the ticket. Anyone wanting to contest the parking ticket in court would have to do so by not paying the parking ticket and waiting until a traffic citation received. The procedures for pleading not guilty to a traffic citation are listed on the copy of the citation that is issued or mailed.