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Unemployment Benefits Not Applied For


On January 27th, 2020, at approximately 4:25 pm, the police department received a complaint from a victim where their identity was used to apply for unemployment benefits. The victim did not apply for the benefits, but they received information from their employer their information was used to apply for unemployment benefits. It is unknown at this time how the victim’s personal identifying information was obtained to apply for the benefits. The police department is putting this information out for informational purposes. Anyone that receives the mailings and information about their information being used to apply for unemployment benefits is asked to contact the police department. If you received a card with money on it, do not use the card as you will be responsible for the money which is spent. The police department will provide a form, which will also be filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, as required in cases like these. Anyone with questions can contact the police department.

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