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Theft of Property Lost or Mislaid


On June 7th, 2021, at approximately 11:40 am, the victim contacted the police department regarding a bag, and other items, they left behind while at a business located in the 100 block of Legacy Park Drive. The victim advised they were changing their child in the vehicle and placed a bag, and other items, outside the vehicle. The victim advised they forgot about the items which were taken out and left the area. Upon realizing they left the items behind, they went back to the area and the items were no longer there. They checked with the business and nothing had been turned in. The total value of the items was approximately $375.

Video surveillance in the area was obtained by the police department. On the video an individual can be seen picking up the items and placing it into their vehicle. The individual was able to be identified by police. They were interviewed and admitted to taking the items. The items have since been recovered and will be returned to the victim.

This post is intended to serve to educate individuals finding themselves in situations like this incident. Items which are left behind are not considered to be abandoned and the saying of “finders keepers” does not apply. Items which are lost or mislaid and taken by someone other than the owner of the items, is required by law to either, find the owner and return the items, or contact the police department to turn the items over.

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