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Theft by Deception, ID Theft


On September 30th, 2023 at approximately 10:33 am, the police department was contacted regarding a theft. On September 28th, the victim received a message on their computer leading them to believe it had a virus. The victim was prompted to call Microsoft and upon doing so, was advised their computer was hacked and their bank accounts were compromised. The victim was advised the fraud department would call them. After receiving a call from the fraud department, they were advised to transfer their money to Bitcoin to make it unobtainable from the hackers. The victim provided information to the fraud department to have a Bitcoin wallet created. The victim then withdrew $11,000 dollars from their bank and transferred it to Bitcoin with a QR code sent by the fraud department. The following day, the victim received a call from the fraud department who advised a second bank account was compromised. The victim transferred $9,200 from this account to Bitcoin using a separate QR code that was provided.